European University Alliance for Global Health

Internship proposals for the European University Alliance for Global Health program

Genetic analyses of rare human diseasesGenetic Diagnostic LaboratoryDepartment of PediatricsSzegedTibor Kalmar2021-04-29 14:57:14
Pathophysiological mechanisms and pharmacological treatment targets in experimental ischemic strokeDepartment of Cell Biology and Molecular MedicineGroup of Cerebral Blood Flow and MetabolismSzegedAkos Menyhart2021-11-19 18:31:38
Weendei analysis, Milk fat component determination, Beta carotene determinationInstitute of Animal Sciences and Wildlife ManagementUniversity of Szeged - Faculty of Agriculture - Forage and milk analysis laboratoryHodmezovasarhelyAgnes Suli, Ph. D.2021-11-24 16:45:10
Respiratory research in animal models and clinical settingsDepartment of Medical Physics and InformaticsCardiopulmonary research laboratorySzegedGergely Fodor2021-11-25 15:48:59
SZTE Nanotechnological research groupNanotechnology research groupResearch group 45SzegedDr. Rita Ambrus, PhD. dr. habil2021-11-25 16:21:46
Phytochemistry research groupPhytochemistry research groupResearch group 1SzegedDr. Andrea Vasas Ph.D. dr. habil2021-11-25 17:23:52
Investigation of skin penetration using different qualitative and quantitative techniques.Research group for liquid and semi-solid dosage formsResearch group 2SzegedDr. Szilvia Berko Ph.D dr. habil2021-11-25 17:42:44
Understanding cellilar signallization induced by DNA damagesUniversity of Szeged, Department of Pathology, Pankotai laboratoryGenome Integrity and DNA repairSzegedTibor Pankotai Ph.D.2021-11-26 10:27:49
Formulation of nanoparticles into solid dosage formsSolid dosage from research groupSolid dosage from research groupSzegedDr. Geza Regdon jr. Pj.D. dr. habil2021-11-26 10:45:19
Reproducibility of muscular oxygenation & effects of Blood Flow Restriction pressure level on cardiovascular responsesEquipe Mouvement Humain , Adaptation et Performance Sportive (M.H.A.P.S)Laboratoire Complexité, Innovation, Activités Motrices et Sportives (CIAMS)Orsay cedex IMarie GERNIGON2021-12-09 10:29:41
Neuromuscular and vascular adaptations to Blood Flow Restriction induced fatigueLaboratoire Complexité, Innovation, Activités Motrices et Sportives (CIAMS)Laboratoire Complexité, Innovation, Activités Motrices et Sportives (CIAMS)Orsay cedex IMarie GERNIGON2021-12-09 10:52:44
Data Analyzation in Educational DevelopmentOffice of Educational DevelopmentDirectorate for Academic AffairsSzegedPeter Szakal2021-12-09 17:27:34
Psychological aspects and sport performanceCIAMS - Team Laboratoire Complexité, Innovation, Activités Motrices et SportivesCIAMS - Laboratoire Complexité, Innovation, Activités Motrices et SportivesOrléans and Paris-OrsayXavier Sanchez2021-12-21 17:04:02
Instrumentation and commissioning of a particle acceleratorAcceleratorsIJCLabOrsayNicolas Delerue2022-02-01 09:46:55
Additive manufaturing and instrumentation for particle acceleratorsAcceleratorsIJCLabOrsayNicolas Delerue2022-02-01 09:56:26
Function of a malaria invasion protein on commitment to sexual developmentMalRegI2BC CNRSGif-sur-YvetteJoana2022-02-01 12:55:38
Infectious disease modellingCOVID-19 Modelling Task ForceNational Laboratory for Health SecuritySzegedGergely Rost2022-02-02 15:47:51
Clinical AI applicationsSzeged AISzeged AISzegedRichard Farkas2022-02-02 16:05:14
Development and characterization of a line scan confocal speckle imaging systemGroupe BiophotoniqueLaboratoire Charles FabryPalaiseauFrederic Pain2022-02-03 14:11:54
Molecular simulation of liquid-liquid phase separation of poly(amino acid)sFLUOPEPITBioCIS - UMR 8076Châtenay-MalabryTâp Ha-Duong2022-03-01 22:54:15
Role of heterochromatin disorganization and retrotransposable elements derepression on hematopoietic stem cells functional changes upon DNMT3A mutations.Team 1 Hematopoietic Tissue AgingINSERM U1287VillejuifEmilie ELVIRA-MATELOT2022-03-21 17:22:15
The role of leptin in post-traumatic acute organ failureMicrocirculation and acute organ failureUniversity Paris-Saclay INSERM UMR_S999Le Kremlin-BicêtreAlice HUERTAS2022-03-25 17:16:55
Role of NMDA receptors and their co-agonists in the activity of cortical GABAergic inhibitory neuronsBiophotonics and Synapse Physiopathology (BioPSy)LuMIN UMR9024Gif-sur-YvetteJean-Pierre Mothet2022-04-18 10:36:04
Development and caracterization of new chromophore probes for the study of neural circuitsBiophotonics and Synapse Physiopathology (BioPSy)LuMIN UMR9024Gif-sur-YvetteJean-Pierre Mothet2022-04-18 11:10:45
Establishment of a cell-free expression for the Viral membrane assembly proteins of Vaccinia virusReplication and Assembly of poxvirusesInstitute for Integrative Biology of the CellGIF SUR YVETTE CEDEXEmmanuelle Quemin2022-04-20 11:43:09
Interactome analysis of Viral membrane assembly proteins essential for the assembly of Vaccinia virusReplication and Assembly of poxvirusesInstitute for Integrative Biology of the CellGIF SUR YVETTE CEDEXEmmanuelle Quemin2022-04-20 12:05:01
Influence of boron on the self-assembly of polymeric nanoparticlesTeam 7 - Nanomedicines for the treatment of severe diseasesInstitut Galien Paris-SaclayOrsayAnaïs PITTO-BARRY2022-04-25 17:32:26
Evaluation of DNA repair capacity in human lymphocytes-exploring the comet-based DNA repair assay as a biomonitoring tool for hazard assessmentEPIUnit and ITRISPUPPortoSolange Costa2022-05-10 11:00:30
Sensory dimensions of pain during adolescenceEPIUnit - Epidemiology Research UnitISPUPPortoRaquel Lucas2022-05-10 11:20:20
Dynamics of adiposity and cardiometabolic profile throughout the lifecourseEPIUnit - Epidemiology Research UnitISPUPPortoJoana Araujo2022-05-10 11:24:39
Systematic evidence map on genetic and epigenetic effects of prenatal human exposure to tobacco smokeLifecourse Environmental Exposures LabISPUPPortoAna Teresa Reis2022-05-10 11:29:18
Assessment of the in vitro DNA damaging potential of nanomaterialsNanomaterials: Safety and Health LabISPUPPortoSonia Fraga2022-05-10 11:33:03
Assessment of the in vitro Micronucleus induction potential of nanomaterials in mammalian cellsNanomaterials: Safety and Health LabISPUPPortoAna Teresa Reis2022-05-10 11:36:58
Project internship - “UNCHARTED: Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture”Artistic Creation, Cultural Practices and PoliciesInstituto de Sociologia da Universidade do PortoPortoJoao Teixeira Lopes2022-05-10 11:42:15
Intersexualities - Reconfiguring Differences in a Globalized WorldInterMargarida Losa Institute for Comparative LiteraturePortoMarinela Freitas2022-05-10 11:44:37
InterTransculturalities - Reconfiguring Differences in a Globalized WorldInterTransculturalitiesMargarida Losa Institute for Comparative LiteraturePortoFatima Outeirinho2022-05-10 11:52:36
Chromatin reprogramming during early embryonic development in mammalsEmbryo and Pluripotency, Epigenetic and EnvironmentBREED / INRAEJouy-en-JosasAmelie Bonnet-Garnier2022-07-08 18:22:06
Functional consequences of STING-driven autophagy in immune cellsInserm UMR-S 1193 Team 5Inserm UMR-S 1193OrsayDr Elise JACQUIN2022-11-09 16:38:17